02-05-2015 - SEVILLA 2-3 REAL MADRID

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  1. cua2zi08/07/a011Ndm tincidunt, nunc non adipiscing lacinia, lectus tellus ornare turpis, non viverra augue quam in nibh. Aenean lacinia faucibus diam, eu sollicitudin felis iaculis a. Suspendisse venenatis ligula sit amet velit suscipit ac vehicula risus tincidunt.

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  3. Triste noticia, mantener una posición de parasitismo sobre todo el planeta, necesita de medidas que "adecuen" medios y fines. Y los fines son sórdidos y sombríos.

  4. more to the point, if you have an economic theory that is entirely based on a model of each individual as a selfish profit maximizer and you claim this is not only accurate but good, then needing to justify policies on the basis of greater good seems more than a little dishonest. Somehow it is never billionaires or think tank employees who have to take the hit.

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  6. 1c4Robert,Thanks for your response. So often your words are grace-filled and kind. Actually, on a good note, a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to discuss the Orthodox faith with the husband of that dear Calvinist friend who was so disappointed with me. Furthermore, he was asking questions and showed an earnest desire to understand why I became Orthodox. That was a very special evening.

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